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3,136 Pageviews45 Watchers

Birthdays List

PLEASE do not expect to get a Cake Badge on your birthday. We are a non-profit group and there is a chance that not everyone will get a Cake Badge.

This list is to keep order of the birthdays of group members. It is organized by TheProjectCakeBadge. Please donate :points: to TheProjectCakeBadge so that we can give Cake Badges to the deviants listed below on their birthdays! You never know, maybe the :points: that you donate will go to your birthday Cake Badge?

January Birthdays

Chibi-D9000 - January 5th
beau-diddly - January 7th
Arakai13 - January 21st
mylanSuperStrikeGirl - January 30th

February Birthdays

BradBaby199x - February 21st
Cristatella - February 25th

March Birthdays

williamsonk0316 - March 16th
khediie - March 18th
xtiny-tiny-dinox - March 26th

April Birthdays

oldschooI - April 1st
AspectsOfNature - April 4th
HiddenCookie - April 8th
BubblesBird - April 13th
desz19 - April 27th
MiwSherEmporium - April 28th

May Birthdays

bassanus - May 5th
chiproo - May 6th
No1Daisyfan - May 12th
SchnuffelKuschel - May 15th

June Birthdays

Miss-Geo - June 2nd
JinxXTX - June 2nd

July Birthdays

Kiwiscos - July 9th
midnightcake - July 23rd

August Birthdays

papercarmelo - August 1st
ShinyForests - August 7th
blue-tomorrow - August 9th

September Birthdays

SpongePersa - September 4th
leifers - September 14th
AngelheartTheWarrior - September 27th

October Birthdays

DarkAbyss48 - October 16th

November Birthdays

Meeya-san - November 8th
Arkenidae - November 9th

December Birthdays

Noiledluv - December 1st
Owlykat - December 8th
RitosPiesiniai - December 26th
hey-I-moved-accounts - December 27th
hihiiwannapie - December 31st

Group Info

Hello deviants! Welcome to ProjectCakeBadge! :wave:

I, AngelheartTheWarrior, founded this group on February 2nd, 2013.

My goal here is to earn enough :points: so that every member in the group can have a cake badge on their birthday until they are FULL OF CAKE! I hope that members will come to our group hoping to get some Cake Badges.

Even for members that don't donate, I will try to give you a Cake Badge! But please donate to AngelheartTheWarrior (me) so that I and the other admins can try to provide other members Cake Badges.

When you join, PLEASE PUT IN YOUR BIRTHDAY! The year is not required, just the day and the month. If you don't put in the day and the month then sadly, I will have to deny your Join Request. However, you are always welcome to try again. Just please remember to put in your birthday.

The goal in this group is to provide each and every member with a cake badge on their birthday until they are full of cake. I want to provide everyone on DeviantART with a fun experience and lots of cake, so I have decided to start ProjectCakeBadge for this reason. You have a birthday in real life, you get a cake. You have a birthday in real life, you should get a Cake Badge in DeviantART.

To this reason, I, AngelheartTheWarrior, present to you:

Founded 5 Years ago
Feb 2, 2013


Group Focus
The Good (and happiness!) of the Community Via Cake Badges!

43 Members
45 Watchers
3,136 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews


Hello! :wave:

These are the Admins (short for Administrators) of ProjectCakeBadge. AngelheartTheWarrior, Founder, is in charge of giving out the Cake Badges and TheProjectCakeBadge is in charge of gathering the :points: needed for ProjectCakeBadge's Cake Badges.

The Founder controls what is going on in the group. She runs the group. If something is wrong, she fixes it. It is her job to simplify the group until it is so easy to use that it's like a toddler's toy. The Co-Founders help out the Founder and manage the members. The Contributors help contribute to the group by making art for Completed or Uncompleted Supreme Goals.

First, let me explain about Administrative Class. Administrative Class is the class of the members of the group with higher class. Even though all listed below in this widget are technically Administrators, Administrative Class is made up of Co-Founders and the Founder, but not the Contributors (which once again, are technically Administrators.). Contributors are Pre-Administrative Class, which means anyone who is a Contributor is a Pre-Administrator, so in other words they are Administrators In Training. Regular members are in the Membership Class.

Want to become an Administrator? See our FAQ Journal to find out how!




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Azures-Legacy Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2017
Hello <3 This is a memorial account that I created for a friend of mine that committed suicide last year. I know that she really loved cake so I'm trying to get as many cake badges as I can in her favor. Anything would be very helpful <3 Thank you to any donations :)
GiveThemCake Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Hello! If you like cake badges visiting me! I give cake for points at low low prices! :dance: :icongoldenplattercakeplz:
Louisetheanimator Featured By Owner Edited Apr 7, 2017  Student Filmographer
My Birthday is on the 27th April. So I need cake too. ^^
GiveThemCake Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Hello! If you like cake badges visiting me! I give cake for points at low low prices! :dance: :icongoldenplattercakeplz:
Louisetheanimator Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Student Filmographer
How low? I have 13 points.
GiveThemCake Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017
This is a new project I'm working on so I will be here for a while. If you go to dAhub you can get points and come visit me :)
(1 Reply)
Xentrinia Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
cake trade? ^^
GiveThemCake Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
Hello! If you like cake badges visiting me! I give cake for points at low low prices! :dance: :icongoldenplattercakeplz:
Alpha-D-Song Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
October 27th is my b-day. :dummy:
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